Why we’ve doubled down on personalized service and ONLY accept 5 trips per week in Spain

0:01hey let me ask you a question so if

0:02you’re planning a luxury trip to Spain

0:06or Portugal or Morocco uh wouldn’t you

0:09agree that it’s best to have a

0:11specialist agency that’s worked with

0:14thousands of customers and has very high

0:17ratings from their customers so that you

0:20know you’re going to be well taken care

0:22of and they have the true expertise I

0:24think that’s pretty a pretty easy yes

0:27but let me ask you this would you also

0:28like to be guaranteed that you’re going

0:30to get personal service while uh before

0:34and during and after your trip um now

0:36the only way to do that is to have an

0:38amazing staff and I tell you what from

0:41experience because before the whole coid

0:44thing we had grown and we were finding

0:46it difficult to keep the standards

0:50really high because we had new people on

0:52the team and so after CO as we’ve

0:55relaunched and rebuilt better we have

0:59decided to stay smaller now that means

1:02less is more for us we’re only going to

1:04take and run five trips a week in each

1:09of our countries Spain Portugal and

1:11Morocco and the reason we do that is so

1:13we can guarantee you she’ll be treated

1:15as a person an individual with your own

1:18unique taste and not be a number um in

1:21fact right behind me is the hotel Alonso

1:2313th in Seville got some customers there

1:26um I’m going to surprise them and meet

1:29them um and take them to dinner right

1:32now and uh this is not something that

1:35any other agency that I know is able to

1:37do and and listen I know a lot of the

1:39owners of the agencies in Madrid and

1:41Barcelona and uh also in Lisbon great

1:44people but there’s simply too busy to do

1:47that and now that we’ve reduced our

1:49scope and we’re only doing five a week U

1:52I’m able to get out and meet most of the

1:53customers it’s a real pleasure and a joy

1:56and a privilege to uh to be able to do

1:58that and I’d love to meet you also so uh

2:01so check us out online naille Spain and

2:03Portugal private travel