Ideas for Unforgettable Private Tours from Barcelona for Active Travelers in 2025

Costa Brava Private Luxury Travel

Barcelona, Spain is beautiful, but let’s be honest, the crowds are not so attractive.

That’s why more and more savvy travelers are looking for luxury private day trips to make some exclusive memories without the hoards of tourist.

There are two areas that you should consider, the Mediterranean Costa Brava (photo above) or area near or the Pyrenees mountains.
The beautiful Costa Brava offers coastal walks, breathing in the fresh sea air in this Mediterranean paradise north of Barcelona. Or if you prefer to gain altitude we take you inland with medieval villages, waterfalls, and panoramic vistas await. In the Pyrenees indulge in hiking, hot air balloons, mountain biking, fly fishing and more.

Don’t miss the the authentic local gastronomy, savoring traditional dishes and fresh regional produce. Either way you are sure to enjoy a day to remember for ever on this private guided excursion with deluxe transport.

Contact us if you’d like more info on our seamless VIP Spain 7 day private luxury tour luxury with Barcelona and Madrid . We customize all our tours to fit your upscale taste with a top guides and pro driver + Mercedes transport, just for you and your people and your dreams!