Beautiful Portugal breaths heritage, ancestral tradition and pride in culinary customs. Strolling one historic block you can “time-travel” 500 years both architecturally and gastronomically in Oporto, Lisbon and beyond.

You see, since Roman times vibrant Portugal and her unique customs, friendly locals, sunny landscapes, wine, olive oil, seafood, and sea breezes have attracted savvy foreigners.

In fact, the Romans and Moors loved Portugal so much they stayed over 1000 years! Conquering a country is hard, but a once-in-a-lifetime Portugal luxury tour is easy with our expertise on your side.

“Vibrant, yet once overlooked, Portugal offers lovely Lisbon’s seven hills, Porto an idyllic river city, the lush Douro river wine valley, timeless tradition of medieval towns or Mediterranean climate, grottos, red-cliffed coast and active fun of the Algarve Coast.“

A typical day of the “Portuguese good life” on our private luxury trips might look like this:

As the sun shimmers off Atlantic like the scales of a shiny fresh fish, you notice the contrast of delicate flowers and green vines hanging from a heavy black ornate wrought-iron balcony just as the yellow street car rambles up over the cobblestones towards the exotic Moorish castle.

Your charming expert guide has just departed and you and your small group of family or friends are enjoying delicious dining al fresco on a hillside terrace, still protected by medieval Moorish castle with a bit of passionate fado music nearby.

Perhaps you toast the good life with a lovely Duero Red while tasting artisan Portuguese cheeses and gourmet ham. This alfresco meal followed a fascinating private guided cultural tour and stops for tasting petiscos (Portuguese tapas), and at an Art Nouveau café for coffee. Maybe tips for shopping for artisan goods or private coastal boat excursion.

There are many options for unique exclusive experiences in Portugal that we can arrange, based on your interest. We are of course delighted to arrange reservations for a fine dining, with a view if available or for special local cultural events.

Wow, why does Portugal have such an exotic mix of attractions?

Once Europe´s richest country, Portugal´s empire stretched from the Americas to Asia for some 200 years. During this Golden Age, incredible works of art and architecture, much of which you can still see, were completed. You can still note the exotic ambiance in details of the designs, cuisine and culture that are unique to Europe.

Lisbon is no doubt the Paris of Portuguese language world and old world capitol for over 100 million people. It has been a centre of culture in Iberia since the Roman Emperors were venerated here and as a capitol once ruled and empire stretching from the Americas to Asia.

In Portugal where we travel frequently, we have seen a marked improvement since the 2008 economic debacle. Lisbon and Oporto have both been revitalised and are more vibrant. There is a bit less red tape to do business and young people are coming home more optimistic and with new creative energies. We are fortunate to travel there often and enjoy in depth as you can too. That is why we can offer you a much deeper, intimate way to experience Portugal personally and exclusively…. so you avoid the mass-market tourist traps that permit the world nowadays.

So when is the best time to go to Portugal, you might be wondering?….

We believe that 2017 is an ideal time to enjoy the best of Portugal. The climate allows for near year-long travel. The rustic Alentejo region does get quite hot in July and August but the coastal destinations of Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve cliffs and beaches down south are very popular with Europeans due to the milder temperatures,

In any case, it is not just Europeans who love Portugal as a luxury travel destination. … the secret of Portugal is spreading across the USA and Asia as you read this. So if you don´t want to settle for the leftovers, best to book ahead.

Our Discerning Luxury Portugal Travel and Tours are Made-to-Fit.

What does your personalized private Portugal vacation adventure look like?…

• Access our savvy network: local experts, chefs, vinters, entrepreneurs, art historians & artist

• Stress-free private touring at your pace without hurry or worry.

• Discover superb culture and art and UNESCO historic heritage

• Enjoy exquisite Portuguese cuisine & wines….not tourist traps

• One-of-a-kind experiences & encounters that few travelers discover

• Personal service and concierge care of our team in Portugal

• Beautiful Moorish architecture + exquisite artisan tiles,

• Vintage trolleys in the historic Alfama district, sophisticated Bairro Alto and Lapa districts of Lisbon

• Romantic bougainvillea, moasics, red terracotta roofs, wrought iron balconies + Art Nouveau cafés

• Gourmet tastings of artisan cheeses, vinos and petiscos

• Specialty shops with handmade luxury crafts tiles, gold, antiques, linens, rugs, furniture. and more. • Emotion of a memorable fado performance at the top local club.

• Meet talented artist & artisans in local studios

• Explore Roman Empire ruins and archaeological sites

• Ancient Roman aqueduct and megalithic monuments of Evora

• Sea breezes, vistas and memorable meals at select places

• Walk among castles and gardens of lovely Sintra

• Historic fun and beauty of whitewashed town of Obidos

• Red cliffs, trails and beaches of the Algarve

• Rolling hills of cork forests, tiny medieval villages, + prestigious wineries of rustic Alentejo region

• Moorish castles and Templar Knights fortresses

• Fine wine tasting and touring by boat up Douro Valley

• Historic Jewish sites in medieval villages,

• Unique architectures, wine culture and coastal sunsets of Oporto

How do we work?… How do we create our private luxury tours of Portugal?

It starts with a fun no-obligation conversation (often by Skype, FaceTime or phone) and mostly us listening to better understand what you are into and what you prefer to avoid.

As with our luxury Spain trips, we create a private Portugal trips, often for 7 to 12 days, so you experience more in less time sans hassles. Beyond the must-see attractions, we connect you with the top guides so you can learn and appreciate the rich history, art, culture, customs and pop culture if desired.

Thanks to our network of savvy Portugal insiders, our customers enjoy privileged access to a wide range of fascinating experiences, places and people that you will not likely find on TripAdvisor. This might include winemakers, fashionistas, chefs, architects, top artisans, soccer experts, artist as well as the helicopter pilots and captains of yachts and powerboats to get a nautical look at this seafaring country.

So what is a typical day on our private Portugal trips?…..

You might explore Lisbon on private guided tours by Mercedes, or opt to zipp over sparkling bays in a Riva launch, ride a Vespa around the Alfama, sail in a private yacht, or hike ancient hillside lanes among the seven hills of Lisbon.

Lisbon´s succinct sunny blend of historic charm, modern design, fine food, top wines, art, sport and culture makes the “good life” easy if you know savvy locals, and where to go and when and avoid the tourist traps. That is basically what we offer with our private custom luxury tours of Portugal.

Finally, we suggest you consider it as a fine starting point for private Portugal tours or if you have a few weeks, go all out for a private luxury tour of Iberian Peninsula. Surprisingly to some, Portugal offers discerning world travellers other world-class attractions beyond Lisbon.

Maybe that is why Portugal is one of European´s top choices for their vacation. The Europeans love the tempting charms of Oporto, the excellent sea food and fine wines, the timeless traditions and artisan hams and cheeses of the Alentejo region, the coves, cliffs and beaches of the Algarve, the tempting Oporto.A country oriented to their long Atlantic coastline with a gentile style awaits.

Maybe you’ve seen Portugal in the high end travel and tour press in recent years?… The new media and luxury travel blogs claim a rebirth of the food, wine and arts scene, but Portugal has had that special something for a long time. Our luxury travel customers have raved about Portugal since 1998.

After a luxury Portugal private trip you might want more….Portugal connects well for those who with time for a private luxury Spain tour.

You benefit from our deep Iberia expertise. Our private Portugal tours feature:

• Customized itinerary planning to fit your groups taste

• Expert seamless planning… as Iberia residents travel pros.

• Select rooms in top luxury hotels as well as historic castles by request.

• Private transfers and unique tours with top local experts & guides

• The insiders best of Lisbon, Algarve, Evora to Oporto

• Savvy insight from our Portugal luxury cultural adventure team

• Portugal transportation: train tickets and private luxe transfers

• Local support during your private Portugal adventure with us

• Reservations for dinner, select shopping ideas, exclusive access to our insider experiences, to fit your taste.
Our luxury Portugal cultural adventure tour are private.

Departing daily, and can be personalized with unique experiences. We start with a phone or email consult to understand your needs and style so we can custom-design your trip fit your unique interests like a glove.

Our goal is that you will return home with not just unforgettable memories but unforgettable stories to share.

Please contact us for more info on our limited-edition luxury Portugal tours.

But what about the economy and security of Portugal?

2008 -09 was a bad time for the world and Portugal was hit hard too. But now as we enter 2017, things are much better and Portugal tourism is thriving ( a great reason to book ahead for best selection).

Even the CNN pundits and Bloomberg talking heads who preached gloom and doom for southern Europe after the sub-prime meltdown rocked the world economy, must now admit that Portugal´s reforms and new mindsets have yielded fruits. That is why the economies of both Portugal and Spain have improved.

This starts with allowing young people less obstacles to creating start-ups, some of which collaborate with us. Uber and Lyft are still having trouble, but we can handle your transportation so you avoid the stress of driving, getting lost and parking.

Security-wise, as Americans and residents of Iberia, we find the LACK of violence and very low level of guns floating around to be very refreshing. That said from Paris to Rome and beyond, pickpockets exist all over Europe around public transportation, but our customers are liberated by our private chauffeured transfers.

That is why as we said earlier, we believe that 2017 is an ideal time to enjoy the best of Portugal. The climate allows for near year-long travel.

Remember the coastal destinations of Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve cliffs and beaches down south are very popular with Europeans due to the milder temperatures. While the ancestral Alentejo region with UNESCO Roman monuments and megalithic remains like Dolmens does get quite hot in July and August.

In closing do remember to offer the best service quality, we ONLY run 5 trips/ week in Portugal “first reserve, first serve”……and it is not just Europeans who love Portugal as a luxury travel destination. … the secret of Portugal is spreading across the USA and Asia as you read this.

So if you want to avail of the best selection of hotels, guides, experiences ect… best to book ahead.

Next step?…. contact us for a no-obligation consult to see if we have availability and if are a good fit to work together to craft the ultimate gift for you and your fav people, an unforgettable Portugal private adventure tour. You see over 50% of our customers come from our happy past customers recommendations.

Beyond the fact that you deserve the best, we always try harder to help you enjoy a vacation adventure of a lifetime. We promise you the stories and smiles that you cherish for decades will exceed the ROI on another new luxury car or being packed into a luxury cruise . We believe you are yours deserve the best 🙂

Contact us to discuss ideas for your possible Spain or Portugal private cultural adventure trip… 



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