If you are a demanding person, a discerning traveler, the world is your oyster… With MagicalSpain private luxury travel, fascinating and diverse Spanish experiences, people and a rich collection of extravagant places to fit your style and pace await. 

Brad Pitt, who was shooting a movie here liked it so much that he bought a home in Spain to add to their collection. Hollywood icons love Spain and the la buena vida, the Spanish good life. Celebrities that have visited Spain in recent years include Michelle Obama, U2’s Bono, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While we did not organize all of their Spain arrangements, we can tell you that our insider experiences were a big hit for more than a few on private Spain vacation trips. ????

Best of Private Spain Trips by Magical Spain

So what makes Spain so attractive to the rich and famous?…. It is not just the beautiful castles, medieval villages, the warm welcome and carpe diem attitude, the sunny climate, the Mediterranean coastlines and the world-class Spanish art of Picasso.

It is more than the hospitality and festivity of Madrid, the uber architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona, exotic Game of Thrones locations in Seville. Spain vacations often includes fine wines, tasty tapas, charcuterie and artisan cheeses all over, secrets of the Alhambra in Granada, fiery flamenco music and medieval villages of Andalucía.

While most of our private travel and tour customers are not from Hollywood, A-list celebrities continue to love their private vacations and tours of Spain included Brad Pitt, Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Gere, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. This is not to mention the Obamas, who now will have time to travel with a bit less stress in the future.

Spain Private Luxury Tour by Magical Spain

Even our multi-millionaire executive clients have marveled at the insane amounts of gold from the New World and the gourmet Michelin starred cuisine. Others loved the access to invitation-only cooking lessons or meals at private gastronomic clubs of San Sebastian in the Basque Country.

Truth is it is all of that and more as friendly Spain also offers a clean and safe ambiance of culture and charm. This includes a high level of security. In fact our customers are delighted to see that with the crazy Spanish schedule, the streets are full of people into the wee hours many nights. This is not something to take lightly if you are American like us, and used to the stress and worry in certain areas of the USA.

Yes, it is fair to say that Spain is a one-of-a-kind destination for discerning world travelers seeking private luxury tours sans hurry nor worry. So where to go and what to do you might ask?

Spain is the second largest country in western Europe, just after France. it is criss crossed by mountain ranges that make travel by car slower than you´d expect despite the excellent super highways and many toll roads. Well there are 17 distinct regions in Spain (each full of politicos that live very well, see our Spain life blog for details ).

Andalucia in Southern Spain is one of our upscale customer´s favorites. Ironically, Andalusia was an advanced medieval civilization where Christians, Jews and Muslims co-existed in prosperity due to international trade around the Mediterranean. This medieval wealth lead to a degree of urban planning and architectural splendor unmatched in the middle ages.

Moorish Spain´s Andalucia included a high level of living, with UNESCO listed architecture in Córdoba, Seville, Granada and beyond. The Moors had an advanced level of libraries, art, street lights, bath houses and hygiene. This contrast with the smelly Dark Ages of the rest of Europe.

Did you see El Cid… the classic Oscar-winning Hollywood flick? Check it out for more on this unique and exotic Spanish medieval times which included intrigue, egos, war, lust, betrayal and more. This pitted the Spanish Catholics in Northern Spain who were aided by the Templar Knights against the Moors from the Arab world…. a story for another day.

Finally the Moors were defeated in 1492 which was why Colombus sailed the ocean blue. Next the Habsburg dynasty took over Spain and the Golden Age of culture, art and architecture ensued. Top artist from all over Europe flocked to Madrid and the best works are seen today in El Prado museum.

No doubt, the 16th century was the high point of the Spanish empire. The Golden Age for Spain saw the empire stretch across Europe to Asia, Africa and mostly the Americas. In fact Saint Augustine, Florida was founded by Spanish conquistadores and is the oldest city in the USA.

In the USA , the Spanish territory stretched across Florida to New Orleans, then Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and to California. Then south via Mexico all the way to the tip of South America, really an immense amount of land once ruled with out technology! This made it hard to manage also. But long story short, this is why Spanish is now the world’s second most spoken native language.

You can enjoy the rewards of the former Spanish superpower status and incredible wealth in it´s one-of-a-kind historic monuments, castles, Cathedrals, gardens and palaces. We add a healthy dose of la buena vida, the Spanish Good Life….. a deep Spanish cultural desire to enjoy all of life ´s moments.

Don´t worry, our talented team is bilingual and service-minded, so no Spanish is needed for your private Spain tours & vacations. Just be ready to enjoy access to the unique people, places and exclusive experiences that fit your interest and that make Spain so distinctive.

Cultural Program in Spain Private Luxury Tour by Magical Spain

This is vital in Spain, an ancient land that beats to a unique rhythm of Mediterranean passion, Atlantic savvy and old world charm. The allure has many forms: classical Spanish guitar, the swirls of the flamenco dancer and sound of castanets, the mystery of the Moors, medieval history contrasted with modern urban vitality and the Christian faith.

Yes Spain is a place of contrast and contradiction, where Catholic El Cid fought for and then against the Muslim Moors. The crazy history of Spain guarantee an enriching adventure if you are with entertaining savvy guides, who tailor each tour to your taste.

Imagine walking ancient trails between medieval villages, tasting amazing wines of the Rioja, Ribera del Duero, or the best tapas of Madrid or Seville with a side dish of conviviality. Or consider the Mediterranean sailing fun in Mallorca.

Discover how in Spain, food, family, fútbol and amigos bind and define the one-of-kind Spanish lifestyle as well as business, networks and culture.

Many of our customers have marveled at Spain diverse offerings and experiences.

“From Seville to Santiago and then Madrid to Mallorca, we discovered 3 languages and my kids felt like they had enjoyed multiple European countries on our Spain family adventure” said Susan Cambell from San Diego.

This is because of the deep variety of unique experiences you can select: UNESCO World Heritage places, foodie fun and fascinating passionate people in and outside of travel and tourism. We set the stage, You enjoy the moments and memories.

With the largest amount of olive groves, charcuterie and vineyards in the world, Spain is a gourmet treasure trove. Enjoy decadent Spanish paella, tapas, fresh seafood, gazpacho, abundant EVOO extra-virgin olive oil, fine table olives, grapes, wine, oranges and lemon trees but…. not much lemonade.

No doubt from Santiago de Compostella to Granada and Valencia to Cadiz, España is chock full of timeless culture, history, mystery, a love of the good life, natural and architectural beauty and our passionate network of experts across many fields that open door to exclusive experiences.

Our private tours of Spain planning begins with a free consult. To customize and offer the ideal itinerary, we must first listen and deeply understand your dream vacation ideas. Then we use our Spain expertise and relationships to craft a made-to-fit Spain luxury itinerary. You´ll benefit from our deep Iberia network that most travel companies do not have time or expertise to create.

Private Luxury Portugal & Spain Tours by Magical Spain

As a MagicalSpain customer you are liberated from stress and anxiety because our pros seamlessly plan your Spain private trip and tour logistics… But the value is really deeper than that, we really want you cherish memories of Spain for decades.

That is why we constantly travel and invest time and money to seek out the right local people who know their stuff but who also have a great heart for the hospitality sector that we are in. One of your big benefits of a custom Spain tours is we tailor the plethora of experiences, people, places and pace to fit your unique taste.

So to summarize what makes a Magical Spain private luxury adventure unique: Beyond the “must see” attractions and based on your unique interest and style, we will craft a unique Spain vacation tour itinerary that also connect you to the right experiences, right places, right pace and right people ( based on our insider relationships). So you experience and enjoy the local, insider´s best of Spain that goes far beyond mass market tourism traps that are all over the world.

With our custom-made private Spain adventures you can forget the guidebooks as we´ll set the stage so you and your entourage can focus ONLY on enjoying the moments Spanish style. Carpe Diem amigos

Next step?….take a sec, let your imagination run free about your dream Spain vacation adventure, then shoot us a note here. We´ll get back by email or phone for a free consult, no obligation. Talk soon ????

Choose the 4 to 6 experiences that interest you to begin building your trip of a lifetime.

So when is the best time to go to Spain?….

We believe that 2017 is an ideal time to enjoy the best of Spain. The climate allows for near year-long travel.

But don´t wait too long as the secrets of Spain are spreading across the USA and Asia as you read this.

Quick final note:

In our world of Spain private luxury travel, Magical Spain tours often begin in Madrid, Barcelona or Lisbon due to the major airports.

Whether you go ahead and reserve one of our once-in-a-lifetime Spain private trips or not, here are 2 quotes to reflect upon…..

“People say we’re seeking a meaning for life… I think we’re seeking the experience of being alive.”

– Joseph Cambell


“I believe sharing unique experiences with friends and family are the single most valuable thing in all of our lives… because we cherish those memories till the day we die. “

– Dan OBeirne – founder Magical Spain Private Travel



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